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So many facets to the woman presented to you on these pages, my words are my testimony to a life worth living.


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Carry Yourself, Girl - The Blog

Writing is my catharsis. No matter how rough or chaotic life can be, the simple act of writing it down and getting it out there helps to smooth the edges of my mind. I am a selfmade woman. I've been taking care of myself and trying to figure out how to be the best me I can possibly be since I was seven years old. Life is a challenging course to navigate, but never impossible. I know that sharing my strength, my experience, and my hope not only frees my heart, but has opened up paths for many others to move beyond the restraints of their own minds and hearts. Because of this, no matter how hard it may be to speak the truth about my feeling, I believe it is necessary and will continue to do so.


I've shared before that I am in no way showing you how to do it. I simply exist as proof that it is possible and if there's anything you are able to glean from my experience that helps you, then I am truly grateful that more good was able to come from the wreckage I have walked away from.