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So many facets to the woman presented to you on these pages, my words are my testimony to a life worth living.


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Chickasaurus Becks

On July 9th, 2012, I put the bottle down. This lead to some of the most amazing experiences-as well as some of the most painful-I've faced in the short time I've been alive on this planet (born March 23,1983). Into my second year of sobriety, I entered into a divorce that ended a twelve year relationship.

With the help of alcohol focused group therapy, a stack of self-help books, professional therapy, constant journaling, and a strong support group, I stayed sober through my divorce and into my new life as a selfmade woman.

Along with all those wonderful changes, I also entered into the Laborers Union as an apprentice, and then put myself through college to obtain my associates degree while completing my apprenticeship.

I have this dream of one day finishing my book about all of these things in hopes that my story might encourage others to keep moving along their path. I'll get there eventually, because I always do what I set out to do...but for now, it's time to write without any kind of organization in mind. So welcome to my little sliver of the internet, Carry Yourself, Girl.