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So many facets to the woman presented to you on these pages, my words are my testimony to a life worth living.


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Carry Yourself, Girl

"One foot in front of the other, that's how we get anywhere."

The past is only a foundation in which to grow from. It does not dictate where you will go or who you will become.

I do not claim to be an expert on self betterment or any kind of self-help guru. I don't have any certificates or degrees that make my word gold. I am, however, a selfmade woman with a degree in the school of hard knocks, a survivor of child abuse, a survivor of rape and abusive relationships, a grateful recovered alcoholic, a public speaker, a traveler, and a writer who shares my strength, experience, and hope by sharing the pieces of my life that made me who I am. These are my personal stories, my perceptions, and my own views on the world around me. It's the purge that keeps me growing, and a fate worse than death is a life lived in stagnation.

Among my many talents, I am also an artist who thrives when being creative. When I have time, I make handmade epoxy jewelry and other creations that can be seen and purchased in my Art Boutique.